Friday, 6 December 2019

Image result for pobble 365The invasion
Once upon a time, I was just in my room with my family when I looked outside.  Suddenly I saw a really big titan with a hollow ship coming to our city. Bang! Bang! Bang! All the trees got thrown away. Stomp went the big titan. At the back of the titan another big titan came to destroy the place. Bang! Bang! Slam! All the trees got thrown away, so far that you can’t even find them anymore. Then the king of the city came to see if the place was fine or not. When he checked he was weird out because he did nothing to them. So the king told all his knights to try to stop them. So all the knights dashed with their horse but. 5 minutes later the titans were so close but the knights made two big robots to vs the two big titans. The titans were tearing down the city all hope seemed lost. Motherships kept on coming, realizing other huge monsters on the ground. The knights were trying to attack the titans but they were too big and strong. Then out of the sky, a sharp object came down hard and sliced the monsters in half from the side. A majestic, brave knight on a cream, white horse landed on the ground and charged at the airships. Other knights saw him and got encouraged to join him and save all of humanity. The airships fired cannons and started to corner them. Charge!  The knights went to another and knocked it down. Soon there was only one ship left. But this ship was different, it had triple the cannons, Triple the rockets, triple the power and triple the enforcements. The knights didn’t stand a chance. All but one. The majestic knight charged at the ship and sacrificed his life to save the world. Everything was peaceful again and at his funeral, the whole  world showed up to celebrate his bravery. 

Thursday, 17 October 2019

Anger is hot, flaming red.
Anger feels like coming second in Fortnite.  
It is your brothers and sisters punching you in the face many times. 
Anger tastes like too much spice on chicken. 
Anger looks like a volcano blowing up. 
Anger looks like blood oozing from different places in your body.
Anger smells like rotting food.
Anger lives in a creepy dungeon.
Anger is furious, dangerous, scary and unpredictable.


Thursday, 19 September 2019

Wild thing

I look up into the sky and see a weird, crazy creature flying around up there.  He has large, round, green eyes that look very scary. His ears are huge and pointy.  They are a grey, purple colour and look like the ears on a bat. His skin is a pale pink colour and his mouth and nose look human like. My furry mammoth  gorilla arms. I see a crocodile tail that can swim under water. I see stripes everywhere on the leg. 

My wild self eats chips  during the day and sleeps all day.  He likes to swim underwater because he has a tail that helps push him through the water at great speed. He runs so fast and jumps so high it can snatch a bird from the light blue sky.

He can see clouds like cotton candy then he zooms down to the ground.  He sleeps on a tree. He doesn’t snore when he sleeps, he’s very quiet. When he gets up he uses his knife to make the chips. And when he is finished eating all the chips he goes to sleep again.  Then he flys off in the deep blue sky ….. and zooooom!!!!, just like that he’s gone!