Tuesday, 5 March 2019

WALT: Write a recount about something that we did in the holidays

On the weekend, I played games because I was bored and had nothing else to do.  I played Roblox which was really fun. I was a prisoner in the game and I was escaping jail.  I broke a lot of laws and rules that we have in New Zealand in order to get money and evade police and the SWAT team in the game.  Roblox was set in a city and contained a petrol station, a jail, lots of tall buildings, museums, banks and jewellery stores. I spent one hour playing the game and reached level 5.  I was satisfied with my success and had managed to rob lots of places to get cash.

After I played Roblox, I watched a movie called Dantdm.  Dantdm is a person and I liked his videos. In his videos, Dantdm puts on a mask and can see into different places and fascinating worlds.  His videos take you into virtual reality and are exciting and mesmerising. I liked the Dantdm VR video the best as he went in an elevator and pretended to be a fireman.  He flew through the air and put out raging, large fires. His videos feel like you are playing a game but you are actually watching a movie.

I spent my day inside, using technology with my brother.  I didn’t want to go outside because the sun was far too scorching.  My day was full of adventure, creativity and imagination.


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  2. good job teo . next time try add some more detail