Friday, 10 May 2019

little shoemaker

Mr Battle was making  shoes for 100 of years.  His shoe store were two buildings. There were lots of beautiful  made shoes in his shop. Mr Battle was a small man. He had square glasses and a brown moustache.
The other guys name is victor

He didn't get any customers for  money. Then this lady came to the Mr Battle shoe shop then she saw the amazing shoe then she clapped her hands then another shoe maker came to sell shoes and be rich. Mr Battle had a idea he stayed up last night to make a new per of shoes! Then a note came to Mr battle door. Mr battle picked up the note. And he got his pen out then the shoes were walking to him and gave Mr battle a jar of gold  paint. The paint.



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  1. Well done Teo. Next time work on describing the man in the van