Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Three little pigs

The 3 little pigs 
Hi my name is Jeffrey A.K.A the big bad wolf .Everyone thinks that I am mean but I was nice to people. I was making a statue for my brother.But I didn’t have the right stuff for it. Why god!!.

Paragraph 1
 So then I went to a pig’s house he made his house out of straw,he was so stupid,I mean who in the WORLD makes a house out of straw.I knocked on the door.But no one answered.Then I slightly opened the door and called ‘‘little pig little  pig are you home?’’Then I got a nasty reply ‘‘get out of my sight you overgrown, ugly dog’’well that was pretty rude.Then my nose started to tingle then a a achoo the whole house fell down and then ... I just ate the perfect pig lying there.

Paragraph 2
So then I went the other pigs he was kind of smart used wood for his house so then I knocked on the door and said ‘‘little pig little pig are you there’’ and he said ‘‘NO WAY YA SCARED Y PUP HAHAHA’’Well his HORRIBLE breath tingled my nose then a a achoo the whole cabin of logs came crashing down onto the damp ground.And in the middle of the logs , was the small little pig placed on a smooth wooden table.well you know if you leave food out in the open or it will rot.So I just gobbled it up think of it as a second helping.

I still didn’t have all the materials for my that statue I was making for my deer brother.So now I went to the last house. He made his house out with brick it was good protection and I knocked on the door and said little pig little pig are you there he said get out of my site you ugly person,He responded in an unkind way,.Then something was coming from the sky.  It was a meteor!!! And it was coming right for the third little pig’s house. The pig quickly noticed the meteor and headed for my mouth for protection!Well really the meteor was a hologram which I put there.Then as you know I swallowed the pig up. I then felt much better. My cold had stopped. I then got some bricks from the house,So I could make the statue. 1 hr later ah my statue is finished.  I’ll called it the robot because it kind of looks like a robot. 

The end  


  1. good job Teo. Next time you don't need to add the end when you are finished.

  2. really funny fairy tail Teo. Next time add in some punctuation.