Thursday, 19 September 2019

Wild thing

I look up into the sky and see a weird, crazy creature flying around up there.  He has large, round, green eyes that look very scary. His ears are huge and pointy.  They are a grey, purple colour and look like the ears on a bat. His skin is a pale pink colour and his mouth and nose look human like. My furry mammoth  gorilla arms. I see a crocodile tail that can swim under water. I see stripes everywhere on the leg. 

My wild self eats chips  during the day and sleeps all day.  He likes to swim underwater because he has a tail that helps push him through the water at great speed. He runs so fast and jumps so high it can snatch a bird from the light blue sky.

He can see clouds like cotton candy then he zooms down to the ground.  He sleeps on a tree. He doesn’t snore when he sleeps, he’s very quiet. When he gets up he uses his knife to make the chips. And when he is finished eating all the chips he goes to sleep again.  Then he flys off in the deep blue sky ….. and zooooom!!!!, just like that he’s gone! 




  1. you really did well Teo but maybe next time add a bit more vocabulary

  2. great job Teo next time work on describing your animal with what he heard a seances